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Cisco CCNP Cloud Certification 300-470 CLDAUT Exam Free Online Test

Currently, Cisco CCNP Cloud certification 300-470 CLDAUT exam online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of theseĀ 300-470 CLDAUT questions are the latest exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level of Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud.

Exam Name: Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud Exam
Q&A: 60 Q&As
Update Time: 11-06-2017

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Now, begin to test:

1. An end user is logging in to the Cisco Prime Service Catalog for the very first time. Once logged in, the user notices that the service catalog is not set at the user’s default module. How can the user change the default login module?


2. A cloud administrator has provisioned Cisco Prime Service Catalog for Cisco UCS Director and Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business. Where can a user track the status of provisioning and the status of the post-provisioning operations?


3. An end user is logging in to Cisco Prime Service Catalog to order a VM based on Standard Catalog. After the service has been located, how can this task be achieved?


4. The Application Stack as a service feature is available with which option in the Cisco Prime Service Catalog?


5. In the Cisco Prime Service Catalog, which module allows the application stacks to be designed as a template and published as orderable services in the Cisco Prime Service Catalog storefront?


6. Where are provisioned applications displayed when an application template order is completed?


7. Which three properties are available in a Cisco UCS Director computing policy when selecting a filter? (Choose three.)


8. Which type of Cisco UCS Director policy is a template for virtual machine names, power-on state, time zone, and DNS?


9. What is the valid range of VXLAN range when defining a VXLAN pool policy in Cisco UCS Director?


10. A Cisco UCS Director static IP pool policy requires which mandatory attribute?


11. Which pool type creates subnets from supernets in Cisco UCS Director?


12. Which statement describes a Cisco VACS management IP pool?


13. What is the order of the communication path in a typical three-tier application?


14. In Cisco VACS, a three-tier container connects to external networks using which technology?


15. Which two attributes are available when creating a security zone for a three-tier template in Cisco VACS? (Choose two.)


16. An administrator has successfully created a three-tier application container. How would it be published for user consumption?


17. Where would an administrator monitor application container template instantiation?


18. Which two are leveraged to deploy secure Layer 2 extension in the Cisco Intercloud Fabric? (Choose two.)


19. VXLAN can be leveraged with which protocol for intercloud fabric connectivity?


20. If an administrator were to delete a VM in the Intercloud Fabric provider portal, what would be the expected behavior?


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