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HCNA Cloud BCCP H13-511 Free Online Test

Currently, Huawei HCNA Cloud BCCP H13-511 exam online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest H13-511 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. When a company builds IT systems, using virtualization platform to make the physical server abstractly being combined into multiple virtual servers to use, to improve resource utilization and reduce enterprise investment costs. Which kind of genre does the company’s use of cloud computing belong to?


2. The following about FusionManager basic concepts description, which is wrong?


3. Compared with RDP protocol, the desktop connection protocol that FusionAccess use have the characteristics such as many peripherals supports and good multimedia performance. But its occupied bandwidth is larger than RDP protocol.


4. A company’s cloud computing environment is constructed by themselves. And it combines resources into virtual desktops to provide for employees to use. This usage mode belongs to PaaS


5. When deploying FusionCompute, it is recommended to deploy the primary and secondary VRM directly on the physical host, to improve the management node performance.


6. Huawei cloud computing software can be deployed in advance on the specific hardware. Software and hardware are combined to be one machine and sell to customers. Which of the following Huawei servers support one machine deployment mode? (Multiple choice)


7. Which of the following does not belong to FusionInsight architecture?


8. Desktop Cloud is also known as “cloud PC,” What is the underlying core technology?


9. FusionCube uses an innovative architecture to solve the I/O performance bottlenecks problem, what does the architecture refer to?


10. Which CPU virtualization technology is the future trend?


11. Which of the following are the components of FusionCompute? (Multiple choice)


12. The following description about the VPN, which is wrong?


13. When using the FusionCompute’s installation wizard to deploy VRM, you can configure and manage VLAN and set the VLAN ID. If not checked, then which of the following is the management VLAN that VRM uses by default?


14. Huawei cloud computing solutions brands, including which of the following solutions? (Multiple choice)


15. FusionInsight does not support user rights management.


16. The following description about Huawei cloud computing solutions host CPU configuration requirements, which is wrong?


17. Cloud computing virtualization technology can improve the utilization of resources, which of the followings are included? (Multiple choice)


18. Cloud service providers in a virtual machine install the operating system, middleware and application software, and then provide this overall resource for the users to use. This cloud computing business model belongs to SaaS.


19. Which techology does VPC’s Layer-two security isolation use?


20. From a business perspective, which of the following is similar with cloud computing?


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