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IBM Certified Solution Advisor C5050-300 Free Online Test

Currently, IBM Certified Solution Advisor C5050-300 exam online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest C5050-300 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. A utility company wants to transform to a DevOps and agile organization that can deliver multiple changes to their applications in production every day. Currently, they follow a waterfall development approach. They are organized into business, development and operations silos. They typically code using Java and COBOL and their test and staging environments are manually provisioned. They have to wait many days for test environments to be available and root cause analysis is rarely performed. Changes are often rolled back due to defects found in production and there is no way for users to provide feedback. Which problem should be addressed first?


2. Which volume of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) should be an integral part of every stage of the ITIL service management framework?


3. After executing assessments and workshops, it has been determined that 80% of developments time is related to waiting for responses from various departments. What should the organization do to fix these bottlenecks?


4. Which statement describes a security consideration introduced by adopting DevOps principles?


5. According to the IBM DevOps Reference Architecture, in which phase is artifact management a capability?


6. A developer works in a cloud environment with IBM Bluemix and needs to deploy new versions of code to production without any downtime in their application access. Which IBM offering would provide the required functionality?


7. Which statement is an IT driver for adoption DevOps?


8. Which IBM Bluemix Garage Method phase is supported by IBM Tealeaf CX usage?


9. Which statement best describes IBM Runbook Automation?


10. What action does the IBM Bluemix Garage Method Learn phase recommend to continuously experiment?


11. As organizations mature their DevOps adoption, they must seek to embrace a culture which does what?


12. What does IBM mean by an evolutionary DevOps transformation?


13. What is a business benefit of continuous deployment?


14. Which concept in the Spotify Model is used to identify a collections of Squads within the same business area?


15. Which statement describes the benefits of implementing continuous delivery?


16. A large established bank is using Agile in some projects and areas. Now they want to scale Agile and DevOps to the entire organization (2000 developers). Which development approach should they use to scale DevOps and Agile?


17. Which statement best describes DevOps?


18. Why are open standards important when adopting DevOps?


19. Which DevOps method does the diagram below represent?


20. Which IBM DevOps product is a customizable continuous integration server optimized for the enterprise?


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