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EMC Cloud-Architect E20-020 Free Online Test

Currently, EMC Cloud-Architect E20-020 exam online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest E20-020 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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Now, begin to test:

1. What are key benefits of ITaaS compared to traditional IT processes?


2. Which infrastructure does VCE Vblock represent?


3. An organization wants to enable consumers to deploy IaaS and PaaS instances from a service catalog. These instances will all be deployed on a specific hypervisor. The organization has informed you that they want to use a preferred server vendor when building their new private cloud. What must be confirmed about the design?


4. What is an advantage of using a brownfield infrastructure?


5. An organization has internal applications that require block, file, and object storage. They anticipate the need for multi-PB storage within the next 18 months. In addition, they would prefer to use commodity hardware as well as open source technologies. Which solution should be recommended?


6. Which networking technology is required for application HA in contrast to host HA or operating system HA?


7. A cloud architect discovers that an organization wants to deploy 500 consumer applications initially and grow to over 2000 consumer applications in three years. These applications will use block storage only. How does the information impact the cloud management platform infrastructure sizing?


8. You are designing consumer compute resources in an onsite private cloud. During an assessment, you discover that the organization’s IT staff wants secure access to the underlying host OS. What should be included in the design to support this requirement?


9. A cloud architect is evaluating an organization’s need to support thousands of virtual machine instances and some form of encryption. Which encryption type should be selected and why?


10. A cloud architect is evaluating an organization’s need for encryption. Which type of encryption eliminates the requirement for key management?


11. An organization wants to deploy SaaS applications in their cloud. The SaaS applications will be using application HA to maintain up-time levels of 99.9%. What should the cloud architect include in the design to support this up-time requirement?


12. What is a challenge that is unique to hybrid cloud deployments for authentication and authorization systems?


13. A cloud architect has included a monitoring application in a cloud design to ensure infrastructure performance meets agreed-upon service levels. The application resides on a virtual appliance. The application vendor provides guidance for sizing the appliance. What will be part of the sizing calculations for the virtual appliance storage?


14. Ian organization wants to protect the cloud management platform (CMP) from loss due to a site disaster. To support this requirement, the completed cloud design deliverables include the processes and procedures for restoring CMP functionality. What other item should be included in the deliverables to support this requirement?


15. A cloud architect is expected to present a final cloud infrastructure design to an organization. The architect will meet with an organization’s executives and discuss the physical design. Why might this to be the wrong time to present this design?


16. An organization wants to provide backup services in the cloud. They have no backup infrastructure in place. The organization has concerns about losing data if a site disaster occurs. They want to maintain control of backup data placement because of data privacy laws. Finally, they want to maintain at least one month’s worth of backups onsite. Which backup solution will meet these requirements?


17. Which additional considerations must a cloud monitoring system address compared to a traditional monitoring system?


18. A company wants to build an IaaS cloud to host cloud-native applications. On which areas should a cloud architect focus when gathering requirements for this cloud design?


19. An organization is developing a cloud-native social-media website. The website will be written using elastic principles. When the website scales, it can add additional web, application and database instances to meet dynamic workload demand. Which additional resources will be consumed by replication as the database layer expands.


20. A cloud design contains multiple hosts that are running a hypervisor. Each host has only two physical 10 Gb network adapters that are aggregated for bandwidth and failover. The physical switch ports for each host are configured as access ports. Each host will support numerous virtual machines and network segments. These virtual machines will communicate with other virtual machines on the same network segments. Why would overlay networks be required for this design?


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