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[April 2018] Oracle Payroll Cloud 2017 1Z0-969 Free Online Test

On Apr.16, 2018, Cloud-exams has updated Oracle Payroll Cloud 2017 1Z0-969 Free Online Test as below:

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1. You have a requirement for not processing an element entry based on a specific condition that will be evaluated during payroll run. How should you achieve this?


2. Your customer has a business requirement to only allow their employees to create one personal payment method. How should you configure this within the product?


3. Your customer is using Fusion Absences and wants to send absence information through to Fusion Global Payroll so that it can be proceed. Aside from creating your absence elements and an absence plan, which two steps do you need to complete? (Choose two.)


4. Your customer is running their weekly payroll, which includes a number of high-performing workers, who will be receiving a bonus. They want these workers to be able to view their payslip two days earlier than other workers on the weekly payroll.
What action should be taken to meet this requirement?


5. Your customer’s requirement is to pay employees within each of their three business units from a different bank account. Which three setup steps should you complete? (Choose three.)


6. You have a requirement to restrict the entry on an input value such that the entered value is greater than 30 but less than 50. How do you achieve this?


7. You created organization payment methods of type Check and EFT for your customer. However, they inform you that they only want to allow their employees to create personal payment methods of type EFT.
Which additional setup step must you also complete?


8. A customer is implementing the two-tier employment model. At what level are payroll run results captured in cloud payroll?


9. You have a requirement to stop the new entries from being created for an element and to continue the existing entries. How do you achieve this?


10. Which statement accurately describes how you create a tax reporting unit (TRU)?


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Cloud-exams provides 10 questions to help you test real 1Z0-969 Oracle Payroll Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials exam. Answer one question correctly, you can get score 10.



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