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[July-9-2018] New H13-523 HCNP-Cloud-CDSM Free Online Test

Updated H13-523 exam questions from Cloud-exams have been released on July 6, 2018, which are the newest study guide for H13-523 HCNP-Cloud-CDSM(Huawei Certified Network Professional-Cloud Desktop Solution Management) exam. Here, Cloud-exams would like to share New H13-523 HCNP-Cloud-CDSM Free Online Test with all of you. There are 20 questions in new Huawei H13-523 free online test. Answer each question correctly can get 5 score. The total is 100 score. Before taking the full version of Cloud-exams real Huawei HCNP-Cloud H13-523 exam questions, just check New H13-523 HCNP-Cloud-CDSM Free Online Test first.

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1. In the Huawei desktop cloud, if the virtual machine and the DHCP server are on one network segment, the switch does not need to be configured with DHCP relay.


2. The desktop cloud infrastructure component database supports active/standby switchover when an exception occurs.


3. If the ITA component of FusionAccess fails, it cannot be used and needs to be restored. Which method is recommended for recovery?


4. The correct description of the application scenario for Huawei application virtualization is:


5. Are the internal components of FusionAccess included? (multiple choice)


6. In Huawei desktop cloud, what are the forms of application virtualization? (multiple choice)


7. If the copy speed of the USB flash drive is very slow, which of the following methods is preferred to increase the copy speed?


8. When using a thin terminal to access a virtual desktop, you need to configure the IP address of the cloud server. Which address is the IP address of the following component?


9. In the Huawei desktop cloud solution, the ITA/GaussDB/HDC/WI/license components are deployed in double node active/standby mode. The two VMs must be deployed on different CNAs.


10. Which of the following are the desktop cloud system compatibility options? (multiple choice)


11. Which is correct description of full memory desktop? (multiple choice)


12. During the process of distributing virtual machines from the ITA interface, the ITA component is deployed in the active/standby mode. Therefore, any ITA server is restarted without affecting service delivery.


13. Which of the following statements about Huawei desktop cloud linked-clone virtual machine is correct?


14. Which network service functions can be implemented by using application layer DNS protocol?


15. Which of the following are the secure access authentication methods for the desktop cloud? (multiple choice)


16. TCM performance monitoring is used to demonstrate the dynamic performance of the customer’s virtual desktop surface, and to monitor the running status of the desktop by monitoring the performance of the desktop. At the same time, statistical report data can be provided to understand desktop performance.


17. A user wants to try the desktop cloud. The commercial license is not officially purchased. Therefore, you do not need to set up a license server and use the default license.


18. When creating a VM on the ITA Portal interface, if the progress of the creation is rest on checking whether the IP address of the VM is reachable, what are the possible reasons? (multiple choice)


19. How do users deal with the phenomenon of caton when using the desktop cloud? (multiple choice)


20. The incorrect description of application virtualization management maintenance is:


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