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Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-331 Free Online Test

Currently, Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-331 Exam Online Test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest 1Z0-331 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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Now, begin to test:

1. Which two statements regarding candidate readiness are true?


2. You need to mass-assign goals that exist in the goal library.
The requirements are as follows:
– Performance goals A1, A2, and A3 should be assigned to Manager 1’s direct reports.
– Development goals B1, B2, and B3 should be assigned to Manager 2’s direct reports.
Which option accomplished these requirements?


3. Your client has 10 different vice-president jobs that are expected to have a high turnover rate. The client informs you that these jobs have identical or nearly identical skill sets. You are tasked with creating a succession plan, which has maximum plan strength.
Which two tasks should be carried out to fulfill your client’s requirements?


4. The Performance document has an approval step right after the Manager Evaluation step in a Performance process flow which also has a Self-Evaluation step.
In the same performance, the option of “Evaluation activities can be performed concurrently” is selected.
What happens to the document control when the approval task is triggered and the document approver rejects the approval request?


5. Which three options can be controlled by Performance Roles?


6. As an HR specialist, you want to mass-assign goals to workers. While assigning the goals, you selected a goal plan but did not select a goal plan period. Choose the correct option that holds true for the goal plan period in this scenario.


7. Identify four correct statements that describe the Performance Template.


8. A specific goal from the goal library is added by a worker. Later, the HR specialist changes the status of the goal in the goal library to “Inactive”.
How does the system behave when the goal status is saved?


9. An employee transfers from the US Sales department to the Hong Kong Sales department midway through the period covered by the US Sales Annual Evaluation performance document. The HR specialist has run the batch eligibility process for the last time after the employee transferred, making him ineligible to use the US Sales Annual Evaluation performance document. However, the organization process requires that the employee be evaluated using performance documents for both his old and new locations.
The HR specialist navigates to the Manage Worker Eligibility page, and selects the employee. Then the HR specialist clicks the Change Eligibility button, selects the US Sales Annual Evaluation performance documents, and specifies to force it eligible.
Which statement is correct about the ability of the employee and his manager to perform evaluation?


10. Your customer requires a Mid-Year review and Annual Review for the current business process to work in Oracle Performance Management Cloud. They have a Self-Evaluation step in both the performance templates but they would like to notify the employee’s manager about the completion of the Self-Evaluation step only in the Annual Review Document to reduce the mail traffic.
Which statement is correct about implementing this requirement?


11. The Department Manager has created an organization goal “Improve Organization Sales”. The goal is assigned to all the workers who fall under the organization hierarchy. The goal-setting process is competed across the organization. At the midpoint of the goal period, the Department Manager would like to know if the workers in his or her organization are achieving the goals that are aligned to the organization’s goal “Improve Organization Sales”.
How can the manager see the desired information?


12. Which two statements are true for each type of questionnaire questions?


13. Which functionality in Talent Management enables an HR specialist to select an individual based on a specific list of requirements?


14. Your customer has enabled the notification Participant Feedback – Worker deletes participant. One of the workers has an open performance document and requested a Participant Feedback. In the middle of the performance cycle the worker had a Line manager change, but the worker’s performance document owner remained the old manager. The worker deletes a feedback participant since the feedback was no longer required by the previous co-worker.
Which two will be receiving a notification for this action?


15. Which two statements are true regarding succession plan strength?


16. Which two options are available in the Section Order field on the Create Questionnaire Template Contents page when creating a questionnaire template?


17. What happens when you publish a goal?


18. Which two worker information areas can be evaluated in a performance document?


19. How do you compare a worker’s performance and potential ratings from one of the previous meetings with his or her performance and potential ratings for the current year during a talent review meeting?


20. A Human Resources Specialist is required to create a Talent Review Meeting for all the Sales Consultants in the Regional Sales Department. While creating the meeting, the Human Resource Specialist is unable to add Succession Plan to the meeting.
What could be the two reasons for this?


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