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Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-477 Free Online Test

Cloud-exams real Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-477 test questions share Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-477 free online test. Currently, Oracle Certification 1Z0-477 exam online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest 1Z0-477 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. What three actions must you take to set up your new IP for deliverability success with your major ISPs? (Choose three.)


2. Which three actions will change the EMAIL_PERMISSION_STATUS_ column for a profile list contact from opt-in to opt-out? (Choose three.)


3. In every email, your client wants to provide a link so customers can download their latest menu. They want to serve this from the Responsys content library, updating the document periodically.
How can they accomplish this?


4. You are planning an integration of and Responsys. You navigate to the Account Administration screen to configure the access to, but the configuration options are not available.
What is the reason for this?


5. While configuring the import of a PET table, you need to match new records to existing records for the data merge.
Which two profile fields are options to configure the import to match existing records? (Choose two.)


6. Before moving a campaign to production you need to test whether the links are working properly.
What functionality should you use in Responsys?


7. You uploaded into the Responsys Content Library an HTML document and three subdocuments personalized with the member level of the subscriber. When you validate the campaign, you get this error: “Email Message preview failed because of template execution runtime error, detailed error: property MEMBER_LEVEL for datasource CONTACTS is not defined in the datasources.”
How should you correct this error?


8. For the email campaign you are designing in EMD, the first line of the HTML creative must include the first name of the subscriber. The first name attribute is FNAME and is located in the profile list that is called CONTACTS.
Which option displays the correct RPL syntax?


9. Your client wants to ensure that their Event Data Feeds are secure while the files are stored on the server.
What step should you take to encrypt the files?


10. Your client is interested in using Rapid Retargeter to implement email campaigns based on information about their known customers who have interacted with their website.
Which three of these Composite Events are exposed for Rapid Retargeter? (Choose three.)


11. A published campaign has an issue that has halted campaign launches. Because of this issue, email notifications were sent to all the key stake holders regarding the failures. You have been contacted to figure out exactly what the issue is, report the issue and if possible fix it.
How should you locate the campaign that is facing this issue?


12. Which statement describes the requirements to set up a Responsys primary data gateway solution for the secure transferring of data?


13. You need to comment your RPL code so that it doesn’t get generated in the source HTML for a campaign.


14. Which three steps should you take to set up your client’s data model to support email campaigns during data discovery implementation? (Choose three.)


15. What happens when you send a Responsys campaign and the ISP returns a “Hard Bounce” error to the sender?


16. In RPL, how do you reference a value in a data source?


17. How should you set up files that list all the daily Opt-In and Opt-Out events collected by Responsys?


18. You want to use Responsys SMS that invites recipients to click a link to a web form to register for a special event. You wish to measure clicks and form submissions (conversions).
Which four steps should you perform to make this possible? (Choose four.)


19. A third-party system export of data that is required to be imported as supplemental table data in Responsys is in XML format. The XML file is located on the SFTP server and ready for you to configure the Connect import job in Responsys.
What is your next step?


20. You have received requirements to create Connect Event Data Feed exports for two different integration projects. The client wishes to create two CED feeds, both including the Sent feed.
What should you do?


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