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IBM Cloud Certification C9510-401 Free Online Test

Currently, IBM Cloud: Cloud Integration – Application Platform C9510-401 Exam Online Test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest C9510-401 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. A WebSphere Application Server cell was configured with a deployment manager node and a custom node. An operator manually changed some configuration files in the custom node, and the node became out of synch with the master repository.
The system administrator used the Synchronize button in the system administration session of the Integrated Solutions Console (ISC) to try to resynchronize the node, but the node remained out of sync.
What should the administrator do to fix it?


2. A system administrator needs to install WebSphere Application Server using response files, so that silent install can be done. The administrator has ensured that all required prerequisites have already been installed and, has downloaded and expanded the required WebSphere Application Server installation files.
What can the administrator run to install the product?


3. A system administrator needs to create a cell for a test environment. The administrator uses the Profile Management Tool (PMT) to create the deployment manager profile using the advanced profile creation option and creates a custom profile using the typical profile creation option. The administrator examines the log files for the custom profile creation and sees an INSTCONFFAIL message indicating the deployment manager was not running during the custom profile creation.
How should the administrator fix this?


4. A system administrator needs to install WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.5.5 multiple times and would like to automate the task of installing the product. The administrator wants to create a response file based on an initial installation and use this for future installations.
How can the administrator accomplish this task?


5. The installation of WebSphere Application Server did not complete successfully, and a system administrator needs to troubleshoot the installation.
What can the administrator do to identify the cause of the installation failure?


6. The computer where a federated node was running had a failure and cannot be recovered. A system administrator wants to recreate the node with the same configurations in another computer.
Which steps should the administrator execute in order to recover the damaged node?


7. A system administrator, Admin1, with Administrator privileges has archived full repository checkpoints. Another administrator, Configurator1, with Configurator privileges has copied the checkpoint contents directory from one of the archived check points to its original location. Configurator1tries to restore the configuration using the copied archived checkpoint contents and the restore fails.
How can Configurator1 restore the configuration using the copied archived full repository checkpoint?


8. A system administrator completed a WebSphere Application Server installation by using the Installation Manager. During installation, all defaults were selected for the installation root directories and the shared resources directory. Over time, the administrator has updated the installation with various interim fixes and fix packs. The administrator notices that the shared resources directory is very large in size and grows larger each time the Installation Manager is run.
How can the administrator decrease the size and remove some of the content from the shared resources directory?


9. A system administrator has installed WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.5.5 using the silent installation process and needs to verify that the installation completed successfully.
What does the administrator need to do to verify a successful installation?


10. A system administrator ran the backup Config command to backup the configuration using the nostop option. The administrator changed the properties for the service integration environment by modifying the file. During testing the administrator noticed Service Integration Bus related errors and wanted to restore the service integration environment. The administrator used the restore config command, but the tuning properties for the service integration environment were not restored.
How can the administrator prevent this issue?


11. A system administrator suspects that the slow performance of an application might be caused by lock contention.
To debug this further, what can the administrator do using IBM Support Assistant?


12. A system administrator was asked by the development team to inform them of any warning message which contains a string “Connection” on a WebSphere Application Server with High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) enabled.
What should the administrator do to continuously monitor logs for the required message?


13. An EJB application posts a request message into a JMS destination and waits for a response message on a different JMS destination. To correlate the response message to the request message, the application uses the JMS correlation ld of the message. The application waits up to five seconds for a response before timing out the request.
A Message Driven Bean (MDB) running on a different cluster is responsible for consuming the request message, process it and post a response message.
The destinations are defined in a Service Integration Bus (SIB) within the cell.
Intermittent timeout exceptions have occurred for the requester application. How can a system administrator correlate and analyze the debug information from both requester and consumer applications?


14. After collecting diagnostic trace from a server running under a cell, a system administrator noticed that the trace files contained sensitive information.
To avoid this issue in the future, what can the administrator do?


15. A system administrator is required to monitor the application server logs for heap memory issues and determine if the heap memory usage is reaching close to 70% of the maximum heap. The application server is configured with an initial heap of 256 MB and a max heap of 1 GB.
How should the administrator determine if the application server is utilizing 70% of the max allocated heap memory?


16. A system administrator needs to trigger a javacore only when a Java. net. Socket Timeout Exception is encountered in real time.
What does the administrator have to configure to trigger the javacore dump?


17. An application deployed to a multi-node cluster is reported to have slowness and hung threads. A system administrator is asked to review the logs on each node and identify if the hung threads are a false alarm.
How can the administrator determine that the hung threads are a false alarm?
Analyze the:


18. A system administrator is tasked with monitoring the overall health of the WebSphere environment to be able to tune the environment properly. Specifically, the administrator was asked to:
Monitor how much time is spent in the various parts of the environment.
Determine the concurrent usage of the site.
Identify potential memory leaks.
Which PMI modules can the administrator examine to obtain this data?


19. A system administrator decides to use the advice from the Performance and Diagnostic Advisor to identify the optimum connection pool settings for data sources. In a cell, the data source db2datasource is defined under node scope and used by two servers from that node. The administrator receives two different sets of advice for db2datasource.
. One set of advice suggests to increase the maximum connection pool size for
. The other suggests reducing the maximum connection pool size for db2datasource.
How should the administrator configure the data sources before reusing the Performance and Diagnostic Advisor?


20. A system administrator in a bank was asked by business users to determine the most accessed JSP page in a web application at normal work load for marketing purpose.
Which tool should the administrator use to find the most used JSP page?


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