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IBM Cloud MQ V8.0 C9530-410 Free Online Test

Currently, IBM MQ V8.0 C9530-410 Exam Online Test only provide 10 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. The content of these questions are the latest C9530-410 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. A system administrator needs to collect monitoring data on an AIX system for performance analysis purposes. The system administrator needs to find out how many messages are put on and retrieved from a queue, and the total number of bytes that the queue processes during a configured interval.
How can the system administrator enable the collection of the required data and set the interval to 15 minutes?


2. A system administrator of a z/OS queue manager expects to have 1000 client channels connecting with the queue manager at the same time.
What should system administrator do to tune the channel initiator to handle this work?


3. A system administrator is determining the route that a message takes through a large network of queue managers. Trace route messaging has been enabled on the queue managers. Messages are being generated and delivered to the local queues on each queue manager in the network.
What can the system administrator do to make the collection of trace-route reply messages more efficient?


4. An application needs to clear a local queue using PCF commands. The application is getting reason code 2035 MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED. Channel authentication records are disabled.
What are the minimum required permissions a system administrator needs to assign to the application users?


5. A client application with IP address connecting to a queue manager needs to be blocked for security purposes.
Which command does system administrator need to run to block this client application?


6. A financial company is having a problem with IBM MQ on their development system. The queue manager is not down, but the new application keeps failing and MQ generates FDC files. This problem is significantly affecting the business as they could miss the project deadlines.
The system administrator needs to open a Service Request (SR) to report the problem to IBM.
What should be the severity of the SR raised by the system administrator?


7. IBM MQ for z/OS recovery routines experienced an issue which resulted in an X’5C6” abend.
What type of dump needs to be investigated by the system administrator if no dump location has been specified by JCL?


8. A system administrator cannot start a queue manager QMA on AIX and has been requested by IBM Support to provide an MQ detailed early trace. There is only one installation on this system with two queue managers, QMA and QMB.
To capture an early detailed trace, which command does the system administrator need to issue before trying to start the QMA queue manager?


9. On a Sun Solaris system, applications cannot connect to a queue manager QM1 and are getting reason code 2009 MQRC_CONNECTION_BROKEN.
a.What are the command(s) a system administrator can issue to check the queue manager status?
b.If the queue manager does not end with the endmqm –i command, what does the system administrator need to do to be able to restart the non-responsive queue manager?


10. An application using the WebSphere MQ classes for JMS encountered an error. A First Failure Support Technology (FFST) file has been created named JMS0001.FDC.
Which default directory should the system administrator review?


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