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HPE OneView HPE2-T30 Free Online Test

Currently, HPE OneView HPE2-T30 exam online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest HPE2-T30 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. Which string value attribute provides information to the REST client about a resource revision?


2. While you are attempting to perform HPE OneView operational tasks, an HTTP error status of 4xx displays. What does this error status indicate?


3. You are attempting to add a supported DL rack server to HPE OneView You have supplied the user credentials for the iLO. Which object will HPE OneView use in its attempt to claim the rack server?


4. Which part of HPE OneViews health monitor is responsible for translating incoming traps and sends notification messages to the Alert Service?


5. You need an application to receive notifications when new server hardware is added to your managed environment or when the health status of physical resources changes, without having to continuously poll the appliance for status updates. Which HPE OneView communication channel is an interface that uses asynchronous messages to notify subscribers of changes to managed resources?


6. Which REST API resource attribute can be described as the primary identifier of a resource?


7. You are setting up an HPE OneView system. You have all of your server information in an asset management tool and you need to import the data from it to your HPE OneView installation. How can you accomplish this?


8. How do HPE OneView server profile templates help with a software-defined approach to converged management?


9. A customer needs to make a REST call to see the enclosures managed by an HPE OneView appliance. What should the customer include in the request to demonstrate that they have properly authenticated with the appliance?


10. What is required to reset the administrator password to the HPE OneView appliance? (Select two.)


11. How does the HPE approach to the SDDC present converged infrastructure elements as virtual constructs within pools of virtual and physical resources?


12. You are preparing to install HPE OneView to monitor your HPE environment. Which mechanism will HPE OneView use as a primary source of status information?


13. You have a server with a failed power supply. Which feature will HPE OneView use to help you find the server?


14. Users report they are receiving HTTP error statuses of 5xx in the HPE OneView environment. In which area should you begin investigating the root cause of these error messages?


15. In the HPE SDDC architecture, in which layer do HPE OneView. HPE Helion Openstack and HPE Server automation interact?


16. Your customer has an enclosure with a combination of ProLiant G7. Gen8. and Gen9 servers that are monitored by HPE OneView in a single enclosure The customer needs to add their new ProLiant Gen9 servers to the enclosure. Which constraint should you make the customer aware of before they add the Gen9 server?


17. Which component of HPE OneView uses the Core Foundation Services to access the physical components of the data center responsible for managing blade servers?


18. What becomes of user interface interactions that take longer than 200 milliseconds?


19. Your application has issued a REST API call and the HPE OneView server returns an HTTP status of 412. which is defined as Precondition Failed. What could cause this error?


20. You are preparing to add a managed enclosure to HPE OneView. You need to determine if the enclosure is already a member of a Virtual Connect Domain From within OA CLI. which show command will identify whether the enclosure is managed?


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