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H13-522 HCNP-Cloud Exam HCNP-Cloud-FCDC Questions

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H13-522 Exam Information

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HCNP-Cloud-FCDC H13-522 Exam Online Test

Currently, Huawei HCNP-Cloud-FCDC H13-522 Exam Online Test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest H13-522 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

If you have some opinions or suggestions about our H13-522 exam online test, please leave your message, we will improve it step by step.

Now, begin to test:

1. FusionStorage VBS module description: virtual block storage management component, responsible for management of volume metadata, provide distributed cluster access point service to enable computing resources access to distributed storage resources through VBS. Each node on the default deployment a VBS process, form the VBS cluster. Nodes can only deploy a VBS.


2. Huawei cloud computing disaster backup solution architecture includes backup, data-level disaster recovery, application-level disaster recovery.


3. About Huawei distributed virtual switch management functions, which description is correct? (Multiple choice)


4. About Huawei computing virtualization, memory multiplexing features using shared memory, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple choice)


5. What are the values of FusionSphere? (Multiple choice)


6. What are the features of UltraVR storage replication disaster recovery? (Multiple choice)


7. Backup is the basis of disaster recovery, usually refer to within the data center, copied all or part of the data set from the application host’s hard disk or array to other storage medium process.


8. The following description about Huawei storage virtualization , what types support an increase of virtual disk capacity? (Multiple choice)


9. Which management function does FusionSphere operation and maintenance management system have? (Multiple choice)


10. For Fusion-Sphere virtual machine performance monitoring, which statement is correct? (Multiple choice)


11. FusionCompute virtual machine through the use of raw device mapping characteristics, can make the virtual machine to identify SCSI disk, mplementation within the virtual machine issued SCSI command, to the host and then to pass through storage devices for processing, and finally return the response.


12. What are the types of FusionCompute virtual machine virtual disk? (Multiple choice)


13. What does the current FusionCompute used file system format include? (Multiple choice)


14. When backup software backup in the FusionSphere backup and recovery solution, each virtual machine need to install a backup agent and unable to restore the system volume.


15. In Huawei computing virtualization technology, memory reserved specifies the virtual machine reserved the highest physical memory.


16. Which three military regulations does Huawei cloud environment emergency treat? (Multiple choice)


17. Which of the following statement about computing resources on-line adjustment in Huawei computing virtualization is wrong? (Multiple choice)


18. Which mode of disaster recovery does Huawei cloud computing disaster recovery solution framework contain? (Multiple choice)


19. Which of the following features does Huawei FusionCompute virtual machine CPU QoS function include? (Multiple choice)


20. To use the virtual card, need to install paravirtualization driver within FusionCompute virtual machine.


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