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IBM Cloud Certification C2010-570 Free Online Test

Cloud-exams would like to share IBM Cloud Certification C2010-570 free online test. Currently, IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Implementation C2010-570 exam online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest C2010-570 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. A customer has an escalation that requires notifications to go to both Marie Smith and her supervisor Lee Tsumi. How can both users be included as recipients on a communication template?


2. Which IBM Maximo Asset Management location status is necessary to associate a location with a system.?


3. An asset is created and measurement points are associated. Which IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 application sets Upper Limit and Lower Limit Job Plans?


4. What does the Enable Repair Facilities Organization option allow?


5. Which property is used to define the directory used when importing data using the Integration Framework?


6. After fully receiving a shipment it is discovered that the item or tool has been received incorrectly. How can a receipt be reversed from the Shipment Receiving application?


7. What is the purpose of commodity codes?


8. What are two uses for the Assignment Manager application? (Choose two.)


9. What comprises a failure code?


10. What does an active workflow process define?


11. When creating a purchase request line by using the Select Spare Parts button, refined search is allowed by specifying at least one of which two data fields? (Choose two.)


12. Which standard relationship is the container relationship for assets?


13. Which method is used to view labor hours, costs, and material costs for a particular work order?


14. Which statement is true to review the content of a scheduled report?


15. In the Receiving application, what does the Quantity Accepted field indicate?


16. If the Integrity Checker utility tool reports that some groups have no privileges in the Maximo security tables, how could this be resolved?


17. A forecast for a preventive maintenance record has been generated. How can the forecast date be adjusted from the Preventive Maintenance application?


18. What is the definition of a work package?


19. Which function is performed in the Quick Reporting application?


20. What are the three statuses that a shipment receipt record can have when receiving shipment items or tools in the Shipment Receiving application? (Choose three.)


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