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IBM Cloud Certification C9550-412 Free Online Test

Currently, IBM Business Process Manager Express or Standard Edition V8.5.5 C9550-412 Exam Online Test only provide 10 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. The content of these questions are the latest C9550-412 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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Now, begin to test:

1. Which component stores process performance data?


2. During the process discovery and documentation phase, a BPM application developer is trying to understand if a process is unstructured or structured. Which of the following characteristics should the BPM application developer consider? (Choose 3)


3. A BPM application developer is building a case type. The BPM application developer has a
wide range of existing BPM components available and wants to reuse as many of them as possible.
Which BPM implementation types can the BPM application developer use to build case type activities?


4. A BPM Application developer must store documents in a content management system as a part of a process’s activity. It is a requirement that the content management system is the IBM business process manager document store, which is implemented using a non-IBM database.
During a playback session, the BPM application developer notices that a 2 GB video file document fails to be stored. What is the reason for the failure?


5. In order for a underwriter to review a mortgage loan application, the applicant must first complete a loan application, then obtain employment verification, credit reports and property appraisal (which can occur in any order). The review by underwriter activity must run exactly once.

Which gateways should the BPM application developer choose in this scenario?


6. A multinational corporation requires their coaches to be translated into the users’ native language. A BPM application developer has not provided translations for all the languages.
What must the BPM application developer do to handle situations where a users selected language is not supported and a default is required?
To designate the default label, the BPM application developer must create:


7. An existing Case Type implementation is initiated either by adding documents of a specific document type to the BPM document management environment or manually by knowledge
workers. Now, the case type needs to be enhanced, to initiate case instances programmatically.
How does the BPM application developer provide the capability?


8. A BPM application developer is working on the following Business Process Definition

Both the BPM administrator and the database administrator have identified performance problems with the current process and they suspect that this is due to the collection of the performance data. Consequently, the process owner has decided to minimize the amount of performance data to be collected for this BPD.
The BPM application developer must track only the following process data:
Order ID and Authorizer ID variables when an order is authorized
Order ID and Order Amount variables when an order is placed Given this situation, what must the BPM application developer do to track only the business data required?


9. A company has implemented a case of managing customer complaints. When the customer calls in to ask about the status of the complaint, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) must be able to search by customer name in the Process Portal to find right case.
How must the BPM application developer provide this feature?


10. A company that operates in multiple countries plans to build a human resources process that needs to support multiple languages. The BPM Application developer assigned to the project knows that it will be necessary to create a localization resource in the process application that will contain a set of localization keys, the list of languages to support and translations in each language for each key.
In addition to the coach view label, which of the following components of the process application can the BPM application developer configure to support multiple languages?


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