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IBM Grid Scale Cloud Storage V1 C9020-661 Free Online Test

Cloud-exams would like to share IBM Grid Scale Cloud Storage V1 C9020-661 Free Online Test. Currently, IBM Cloud Certification C9020-661 exam online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest C9020-661 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. What should be part of the first discussion with the storage pre-sales technical person when the customer needs to maintain availability of data during repeated physical infrastructure changes?


2. A prospective customer has two non-IBM storage systems in production which have the maximum allowable configuration of disk drives. These systems have not been fully depreciated and must remain in production.
Which advantage of the Storwize family of products should be discussed with the customer to address this situation?


3. A customer has two data centers located 15 kilometers apart. One site is for production and the other is a DR hot site. In an effort to maximize the life span of the storage subsystems, equipment retired at the production site is put into service at the hot site. This has led to a heterogeneous storage environment across both locations and complexity in keeping the data synchronized and uncorrupted.
Which aspect of virtualization within the Storwize family should be emphasized by the pre-sales storage person to enable this disaster recovery plan?


4. When speaking with a customer, which statement is correct for showing the differences between Flash and SSD?


5. When considering the addition of FCoE into an existing Ethernet environment, what must be enabled to reuse the switches?


6. What is a new protocol standard for provisioning storage in a cloud environment?


7. A customer has a business requirement to replicate data between two sites and achieve a recovery point objective (RPO) as low as possible with the replicated data as up-to-date as possible. The existing inter-site link is a shared resource and can become congested.
Which replication technology should be suggested to the customer?


8. Which IBM storage system can be fabric attached to an IBM i LPAR without using VIOS?


9. Which optional software component is available on IBM Storwize V7000 but not Storwize V5000?


10. Which feature of the IBM Storwize family is recommended when additional space for disk drives is unavailable?


11. A client would like to store large video files on CIFS / NFS network shares and needs to make sure that the data, once its stored, can’t be changed or manipulated.
Which benefit would an IBM Spectrum Archive solution with LTO-6 drives deliver over a common SAS disk solution?


12. A customer has a data at rest encryption requirement. You have suggested the IBM Storwize V7000 model 524 system to replace the older IBM Storwize V7000 model 124 storage systems.
Where is the Mdisk data encryption key stored?


13. A customer requires a low cost data at rest encryption storage solution. You suggest the IBM Storwize V7000 model 524 solution. The customer inquiries how the keys are generated and where the encryption keys are stored.
Where is the master encryption key of the IBM Storwize V7000 stored?


14. A customer has a storage system with a number of databases and has a business requirement to provide development with a sample of real data for testing. The customer is also concerned with cost.
Which solution is appropriate for this customer?


15. An customer requests a backup solution addressing space requirements and backup time reduction.
Which IBM Spectrum Protect method meets these requirements?


16. Which library using LTO-6 tape drives is capable of eight different logical partitions?


17. A customer has conducted an analysis of its VMware environment to determine the capacity savings available by converting from thick to thin provisioning.
The results of the analysis are in the exhibit provided.

Solution requirements include at least matching the current total storage capacity, as well as using IBM FlashCopy Manager with the VMware environment.
If the proposed solution matches the current capacity, which capacity is available for use with FlashCopy assuming there is NO compression?


18. A customer has provided the disk throughput information shown in the exhibit for its Power systems server with LPARs running IBM i.

Which value should be used as minimum throughput for a disaster recovery solution?


19. A customer has conducted an analysis of its VMware environment to determine the capacity savings available by converting from thick to thin provisioning.
The results of the analysis are in the exhibit provided.

What is the minimum capacity needed for the solution assuming compression is NOT part of the proposed solution?


20. A customer has provided I/O rate information on a current server installation as shown in the exhibit.

The customer is concerned that the solution maintain or improve on the I/O performance.
Which initial value should be used as the minimum for the solution?


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