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Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-349 Free Online Test

Cloud-exams real Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-349 test questions share Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-349 free online test. Currently, Oracle Certification 1Z0-349 exam online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest 1Z0-349 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. You notice that one of the required email groups is not showing up on the subscription management page.
What is causing this?


2. Which four additional Contact fields must you create in Eloqua to allow for the integration multiple CRMs?


3. While testing your client’s Closed-Loop Reporting system, you notice that the report data Campaign ROI is inaccurate. What are two reasons for this?


4. You are a Customer Administrator. You create a new campaign and want to restrict who is able to edit, delete, and activate the campaign.
What should you do after saving the campaign?


5. You are building a form for a white paper download, and you want to ensure that submitters who are unsubscribed still get the whitepaper emailed to them.
How do you configure this?


6. Your client wants to change the font of the out-of-the box subscription management page to match the company branding guidelines.
How do you configure this?


7. IP warming is achieved by ________________.


8. Where can you create or manage security groups?


9. Your client’s Sales team wants to know when their contacts or anyone from their contacts’ domains visits your client’s website.
How should you enable this?


10. While configuring the out-of-box subscription management page, your client mentions that they want to include several brand logos in the page.
How do you configure this?


11. Your client is ready to change several of their Opportunity Stages in CRM, and you need to ensure Closed-Loop Reporting is not interrupted.
Which set of changes is necessary in Eloqua?


12. You have set up a Campaign Approval workflow for your client, but they inform you that they cannot see the approvals feature in a campaign they are finalizing for launch.
Which two aspects should you ensure?


13. What should the domain format be for the inclusion on the Master Exclude list?


14. Your customer has the following campaign requirements:
-Display a header image that changes depending on what industry sector the recipient belongs to.
-An email that will only be sent to recipients who attended an offline event.
-An email that will only be sent to recipients who have a valid phone number.
Which three campaign elements should be used to accomplish this?


15. Your customer has content from multiple marketing channels and needs to record the channel from which visitors are coming.
How can this be accomplished?


16. Your client has begun the IP warming process themselves, but are getting high bounce rates and spam complaints.
Which three methods would you suggest to improve the success rate of IP warming?


17. A client wants to set up one subscription page for their consumer brands and another for their enterprise brands. All the emails for both brands use the same three email groups.
How should you configure the subscription management center?


18. How should you configure an external call to work with Custom Object records?


19. Which three settings need to be configured to enable the use of an unsubscribe list hosted on an SFTP server?


20. Your client has a list of URLs that need to be given a new page tag. Existing page tagging operations should not be affected when applying this tag.
Which three elements/changes are needed to achieve this?


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