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Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-333 Free Online Test

Cloud-exams real Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-333 test questions share Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-333 free online test. Currently, Oracle Certification 1Z0-333 exam online test only provide 10 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. The content of these questions are the latest 1Z0-333 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. You want to be notified of anomalies in certain account balances in real time. What is the rnost efficient way to do this?


2. You want to define an allocation rule where segment values are constants for rules and formulas. What should you do?


3. Your customer has enabled budgetary and encumbrance controls at the requisition level. You have a purchase order for $1,000 USD, which is fully reserved and has one invoice for $600 USD. When the purchase order is matched through the final match process, the purchase order is closed for further invoicing.
What happens to the remaining $400 USD?


4. Your customer operates three shared services that perform accounting functions across 50 countries.
What feature allows them to share setup data, such as Payment Terms, across Business Units?


5. You want to specify Intercompany System Options.
Which three factors should you consider?


6. In which two ways can your users customize the Dashboards and Work Areas to suit their individual working styles?


7. You are defining intercompany balancing rules that are applied to a specific source and category, such as payables and invoices, or a specific intercompany transaction type, such as Intercompany Sales.
Which two statements are correct?


8. You entered a journal and the client is asking for the following information:
-The current account balance
-What the future account balance will be if the Journal is approved and posted
How will you get this information?


9. You want to define a tree or hierarchy for use in reports and allocations.
What three aspects should you remember when creating the tree?


10. You are implementing Financials Cloud and are using spreadsheets to load Legal Entities, Business Units, and Account Hierarchies.
Which three setup objects can be loaded via a spreadsheet from Functional Setup Manager?


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