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Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-965 Free Online Test

Currently, Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-965 Exam Online Test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest 1Z0-965 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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Now, begin to test:

1. Identify three correct statements about Workforce Life Cycle. (Choose three.)


2. Which three options are true regarding Grade Ladders? (Choose three.)


3. You are implementing the Checklist functionality for one of your customers. The customer wants the checklist template to be allocated to persons automatically.
What should you do to achieve the required functionality?


4. An organization wants to include a security profile in an HCM data role and then provision the data role to a user. Identify the option which lists the HCM object types for which the security profiles can be created.


5. A public holiday message is displayed on the gallery page for the German employees of the organization.
Identify two reasons why the holiday message can also be viewed by some of the French employees on their portrait page. (Choose two.)


6. You are part of a new implementation and have the seeded HR Specialist role. You are able to find all the workers in Person Gallery, but not able to view a single worker on the Person Management page. Identify two reasons for this. (Choose two.)


7. A manager in an organization plans to implement a three-tier employment model and wants to ensure that the same attributes are applied to each person in the organization.
Which approach would you recommend to meet this requirement?


8. As an implementation consultant, you are in the process of setting up geographies in the application. Which three statements are true about defining geographies? (Choose three.)


9. Which three options are true about Oracle Workforce Predictions? (Choose three.)


10. Which three options are true about the Global Person model? (Choose three.)


11. As an implementation consultant, you are in the process of building the enterprise structure. Which three facts about Legislative Data Group must you be aware of? (Choose three.)


12. A manager checks the availability of a worker. The manager is not aware that the worker does not have a work schedule assigned. Which of the three items will be used to determine the availability of a worker? (Choose three.)


13. A customer has a requirement to add a new Action when hiring Part-Time Employees. What is the correct option?


14. A user has reported that one of his or her saved transactions was not available anymore from the transaction page. What could be the reason for this behavior?


15. An organization has multiple legal entities that need to be registered with more than one jurisdiction Also, legal authority information needs to be printed on statutory reports.
As an Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud implementation consultant, which three options must you be aware of while defining legal jurisdiction and authorities for this organization? (Choose three.)


16. The Human Resource Representative of the organization is trying to set up the grade rates. During the process, she realizes that the grades were created without steps. Identify two options for adding rates to the grade. (Choose two.)


17. Which three statements are true about Person Number? (Choose three.)


18. As an implementation consultant, you are required to define a legal entity. Which three options are correct about a legal entity? (Choose three.)


19. While promoting an employee in the system, it is required that the HR specialist be able to see the name of the next three jobs the employee can progress to in the list of values against the Job field.
Which setup meets this requirement?


20. When creating a new user-defined field, what are the three categories of domains that can be used? (Choose three.)


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