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Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-443 Free Online Test

Currently, Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-443 Exam Online Test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest 1Z0-443 exam questions. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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Now, begin to test:

1. Which three statements are true about Instructor Led Training Events/Tracks/Sessions?


2. The security policy for password complexity is for users to use passwords that conform to the rule: passwords must contain one uppercase letter, at least two numbers, and one nonalphanumeric symbol.
Which type of password rule must you configure?


3. You are the system administrator of your LearnCenter and are getting responses from supervisors that they are only able to assign users to existing enrollments and are unable to set up their own enrollments.
You have checked all of the supervisor account permissions and all permissions for Manage Enrollments are selected.
Which two statements are true about this issue?


4. You are importing a new SCORM 1.2 course and select Embedded in the page.
Identify two results that occur when the import is complete.


5. What feature is used to display additional information, about a question or answer, after the user has made an answer choice?


6. A client wants to create individual user accounts where users must set a new password the first time they access the LearnCenter and every three months after that.
Which two options must set to achieve the client’s desired result, in addition to the required fields of Username, Email, Password, and Confirm Password?


7. An organization wants to group all their new hires so they can push out a new-hire learning plan. What would the Dynamic Criteria settings look like when configuring the Dynamic Group?


8. You have configured a user role for HR reporting administrators and mapped users to this role using an HR Reporting Admin group.
An HR reporting administrator user logs in to the system and notices that he/she is unable to access the Control Panel to create or run reports and asks you to investigate the issue.
While performing a quick check, you are able to confirm that the user has been assigned to the correct groups, but the permissions are missing.
Identify three reasons why this happened.


9. You have uploaded course files to the SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) site and are now trying to import the new SCORM 1.2 course into your LearnCenter. However, you are receiving error messages that the file could not be found.
What are three reasons for this issue?


10. There are six departments in the organization and each department has an administrator responsible for managing the department’s Web-Based Training. Web-Based Training titles are similar and the administrators need a way to filter in the Control Panel and find the Web-Based Training for their department.
What must you do to meet this requirement?


11. Which statement is true about ILT Tracks?


12. From the question elements below, identify the question name.


13. You are creating a new page within your LearnCenter and start by setting up the left navigation menu. The left navigation must include an area with links that already exists on the home page as well as an instruction area that also exists on the homepage but requires changes to the content.
What are the three steps you must perform to meet this requirement?


14. Your client is using the LearnCenter Course Editor to build a course that consists of a series of large, complex process flowchart diagrams.
What two settings would you advise them to disable to ensure that there is enough room on the screen for the users to see each diagram without having to scroll?


15. Five hundred Web-Based Training Courses are to be inserted in the LearnCenter. The Courses must be organized by Category.
Identify the process for organizing the Courses by Category.


16. There are four departments in the organization and each department has training Enrollments specific to their department. Users need a way to filter through all training Enrollment in the Enrollments Dynamic Object to locate the Enrollments for their department.
How can they accomplish this?


17. From which five places can you access a file on the LearnCenter Resource Manager?


18. How many dynamic criteria filters can be used at one time when configuring a dynamic group?


19. You have personalized the LearnCenter by greeting every user with their full name by using the User First/Surname dynamic object and show the current date.
A user is unable to see his/her first name when logging in to your LearnCenter.
Identify two causes.


20. An organization wants an on-screen pretest to know how much the user already knows about the online (WBT) course subject matter, and then start the course. How can it achieve this?


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